• you’re dumb if you don’t agree. sorry not sorry. ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS AND WHITE PEOPLE CANT EXPERIENCE RACISM.

  • @baldshinobi definitely not all cops are bastards. Its like saying all men are cheaters. Dumb logic.

  • There's a difference between prejudice and racism - Prejudice is when you're treated with disdain by a group of people who are different than you, racism is when you are prejudiced but with the means to legally enforce your prejudices on that individual and the victim has little legal recourse.

  • Racism is far deeper than that - that is prejudice. Racism - or say, anti-semitism is when your prejudices have legal precedence and the victim cannot be guaranteed fair representation. So when we say There is systemic racism in America, we're not saying that all Americans are racist (on purpose), but that the legal system they're voting for continues to uphold laws which do not guarantee legal representation for all Americans.

  • It's still just prejudice. If you're called a 'Cracker' by a bunch of black kids, that's probably not going to affect your life in any meaningful way - but once you're called a 'ner', to that person, and likely many of the people they know you'll always just be a "n*er' and "so what?" you might say to yourself... but, when you represent less than 10% of the community in any given average - it has deleterious affects.

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    @baldshinobi atm what you need to fight is racism against black people, not trying to select who has suffered or not ^^

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    @baldshinobi its just not true that white ppl hold allthe power. china is probably one of the biggest superpowers in the world

  • @Sans-Undertale If you care more about a couple of buildings than the fabric of a community's existence, then you're morally bankrupt and don't really have much else meaningful to add to any conversation in this regard.

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    not gona read all of this. but


    but its not the only form of racism and saying because of that every other racist act just does not exist is stupid

    i highly condemn every racist act, no matter against what race!!

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    @baldshinobi i never said whites are oppressed, but oppression has nothing to do with racism.
    oppression has to do with systematic racism, but other racism exists too.

    its like saying sexism only exists against women and women cant be sexist, which is not true

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    @Vlad20 nice one^

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    what is it when someone tells you you cant be good at something because of your skin color?

  • @emilyyyy pfft somebody told you that you couldn’t be something because you’re white? also still not racism. what you’re experiencing in someone being prejudice towards you. racism = power + prejudice. racism is when a dominant race benefits off the oppression of others. white people are the dominant race, they are the oppressors. you can’t be racist to white people when they hold all the power. i'm also not saying that all white people are racists but all white people have power.

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    @baldshinobi lol thats just bs, that would mean in africa there is no racism against black ppl and in china there is no racism against chinese. i agree that there is a lot more racism in the usa against black ppl and other forms of racism, but any insult or action against a person based on their race is racism

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    @baldshinobi i told you i know i am privileged but racism is per definition the belief that ppl behave different because of their race, prejudice against someone because of their race or discrimination because of their race

  • @emilyyyy in the society we leave in white people hold a lot of power and have a lot of privilege. they cannot experience racism. i’m not saying it again.

  • @emilyyyy racism is the dominant race oppressing others. you have to have power to be racist. but in america whites hold all the power. you can’t oppress the oppressor.

  • The only people that say white people are racist by defaults are African Americans and illegal brown immigrants in white countries, you do know the North Africans actually SOLD their slaves to the British right? And you do remember when the Egyptians had white slaves right? Look dude, cops can be fucked up yeah but saying black people are above racism is actual bullshit. Emily knows where it's at.

  • @Sans-Undertale this is a given fact, you just don’t want to listen. and african americans and other poc are not the only ones talking about this. WHITES CANT EXPERIENCE RACISM I SAID WHAT I SAID. open your eyes and educate yourself, you too emily (karen).

  • @Sans-Undertale “in white countries” remember that whites were the ones who STOLE this country from native americans.

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