What funniest thing had ever you made in your childhood?

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    I'd ever wondered about these solid thing, what function was.. how to play it was...That was goin on when i called on my friend's house i came across it.. Coz of curious ended up i stole that and i brought it to my house. I tried to used this solid thing the ways i could did.. After few moments later.. My mom seen it.. Seized it from my hand while scolding me but i couldnt comprehended what she said..

    Been for while i couldnt known it but few years later i just known it... Omg.. turn out it's a CONDOM AND DILDO

    What's your story like? You turn!😂

  • @BomberSmash @BomberSmash lol. I guess you had much fun blowing air inside those oily balloons before you finally discovered the truth about them. I was also wondering if by any means you would come across the ones mankind had given his natural paint of red.😁😀😁 different people have different childhood stories to tell but hope this explains to you mineimages (2).jpg and please don't ask me how painful the slaps we always earned back then were.

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ Banned

    @Cold-Sun hahahaha.. Man.. If i had been you i would rather be slapped by mom than be slapped by a gf by using her quarantine power 😂

  • @BomberSmash this is hilarious. A slap from a stressed mom is far better than that from an angry chick in quarantine. Just that I really had a lot from a stressed mom back those childhood days. Haven't yet tested an angry quarantine chick's slap yet lol😀😁😊

  • @Cold-Sun either chick or your mom.. Their slaps is a actual love and caring. I never earn slap coz she got laughed when i did hillarious dance with my ass every time she mad to me