The Fall and Fallen

  • Gary Numan has forever been a fixture on the endless playlist. Here, with a couple of his more recent tracks. "The Godfather" is still going strong, with a new album coming out. Not nearly soon enough.

  • @Lazz my love as a liquid is a favourite of mine. But since you mention the fall, what a band they are! I was sad when mark E Smith died. They've been a fixture since my teenage years. Telephone thing is a particular favourite but there are so many...

  • @Scottish My Love Is A Liquid? That's the real Numan, imo. I fell into Numan, by accident. I was heavily into Golden Age sci-fi, and had just found Philip K Dick's works. You know, Numan "borrowed" from Dick, repeatedly. Telephone thing reminds me of something else, as does much of The Fall's works. Just can't put my finger on what. But I came late to that party. 👍

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