• Getting ready to think about wrapping it up, here, for the night. No news, so hoping that's a "no news is GOOD news" thing, but will have to wait and see. Lights low, ready for some down-time, and of course, something to listen to, that suits the current mood. This, for me right now, is that something.

    The Image Is

    I intrude on patience
    I intrude on young hearts
    I intrude on all such things
    That can take you by surprise
    Time and time again
    I've no welcome for you
    I've no welcome for talk
    I've no welcome in my house
    I've tried too long you know
    Time and time again
    Oh look there's a man inside
    The head's not the museum it's supposed to be
    We sleep with machines that breathe
    And some even have names the executive dream

    We're all so sincere
    I'll sing a song from the film that broke your heart
    Oh look at the smile that cracks
    Tomorrow we'll be civilized
    And buy the whole world clothes
    We don't believe in you
    We're specialized mechanics in repairing the bitch
    You bounce around my head
    You say it's a little but I'm sure it's ok

  • Hadn't heard this one til now, "Are friends electric" is one of my absolute faves though!

  • @Alicey2k You know I hate to ask, but are "friends" electric? :thinking:

    One of my faves, too! You might enjoy this:
    Gary Numan - My Car Slides (Lazz Completion Mix).mp3
    From the Warriors 12" single B sides My Car Slides 1 and 2, seamlessly joined.

  • Awesome, thank you! 😊

  • @Alicey2k Anyone who includes "chill vibes" in their vocabulary is alright by me. I'm all about the vibes

    And, you're more than welcome!