• From the endless playlist a perfect pair from The Godfather, himself. From 1994's Sacrifice sessions, an album track, and a single track of (IMO) Numan's very best. Two sides of one very dark coin.

    The Seed of a Lie
    Gary Numan
    I'm a ghost in the dark and I'm yours.
    I belong in the past and I'm yours.
    Like a song you forget, and I'm yours.
    Like a dream in the night, and I'm yours.
    The wrong place?
    The wrong time?
    I don't know.
    The wrong face?
    Yours or mine?
    I don't know.
    Like a tear when you sleep, I'll be yours.
    Like a scar that won't fade, I'll be yours.
    Like a pain in the cold, I'll be yours.
    Like a fear in the heart, I'll be yours.
    The wrong word when you cry
    I will be
    Like the seed of a lie
    I will be
    Like the germ of disease
    I will be
    Like the last one who cared
    I will be
    Like your shadow
    I will haunt you
    Do you remember?
    I said to you
    'Love is a mountain
    But harder to climb.
    It should be forever
    But love is unkind
    To me.
    Don't let me down.
    And you let me down

    Whisper of Truth
    Gary Numan
    So I fall
    Like the rain
    Sometimes I almost cry again
    I've seen my pictures
    Peeling from walls
    It's like a witness of truth
    To the end of it all
    Here we are
    No-one came
    I've been waiting for this for years
    Do you wonder
    How I'm feeling?
    Did you whisper the truth
    Like a memory of pain?
    No angel
    To guide me
    No angel
    Can find me
    Walk away
    Walk away from me
    I won't cry, I won't cry
    Take my life
    Take my life from me
    I won't cry, I won't cry
    Like a whisper of truth
    Save me.

  • Henlo Gang

    That was deep !!!

  • @Sparkle52 Each, in its own way fits my earlier mood πŸ˜”