• Thought I'd end up with Sean
    But he wasn't a match
    Wrote some songs about Ricky
    Now I listen and laugh
    Even almost got married
    And for Pete I'm so thankful
    Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm
    Cos he was an angel

    One taught me love
    One taught me patience
    And one taught me pain
    Now I'm so amazing
    say I've loved and I've lost
    But that's not what I see
    So look what I got
    So look what you taught me
    And for that, I say

    Thank you next (next
    Thank you next (next)
    I'm so fucking gratefull for my ex
    Thank you next (next)
    Thank you next (next)
    Thank you next (next)
    I'm so fuckin...

    I loved you but I don't need you i-

    I have better people.....maybe but I just want you to know I gave you everything and I have the perfect ideaaaa thanks for breaking up