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    @Moshiach doesn't mean we should stop fighting against injustice....we just should be smart enough to pick the right time and location of the fight to get the best results without loosing anymore innocent lives is what my suggestion is......

  • @Akkii We won't be seeing eye-to-eye on this, which is alright. Everyone has their own opinion, and I respect yours.

  • @Akkii It is a very difficult issue. But the world we live in is an inherently unjust place. I am not necessarily talking about racial/tribal tensions. No perfect justice is possible in this world. So, people should have strong belief in A Judgement Day...at least to guide their heart.

    Parents should teach their children about the Judgement Day so that they can learn to be resilient to human cruelty and adversity

  • @Akkii Yes... but fighting against injustice wont permanently stop injustice. Humanity has always been more or less unfair and it will always be. People may disagree but this is the ugly truth.

    And sadly a substantial(may be the majority) portion of humanity is very cruel and sadist. Many people dont want to accept this fact as it causes them mental distress.

    Faith gives humans a lot of hope and resilience. If there is absolutely no hope, people will not even have the spirit to fight against eternal injustices.

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