• Our heart wrecks in pain and agony,
    And our hopes dewax with heat of torture,
    As watersof displeasure map our faces,
    While we grind in painful laughter,
    Beholding death bodies of our love one's.

    Here and there they lie on the street of lekki,
    Like dead leaves of harmattan season,
    Scattered abode by the ravages of gunfire,
    Unleashed by our disguised Messiah,
    Whose blessing yielded evil harvest

    Our mothers wail and choke in confusion,
    While heartbreak crawls on faces of our fathers,
    As their children lie lifeless,
    Our sisters roll in the dust of misfortune,
    Watching their brothers Journey to meet
    their ancestors.

    You swore to be our Messiah,
    Protecting our lives and property,
    Battling corruption and upholdingpeace and unity,
    But you turn out a demon,
    Extorting us, killing us, harassing us and stealing from us,

    You call your self our friend,
    Pretendingto be nice,
    Yet so dangerous and poisonous inside.
    Police may be noble and friendly
    But definitely not in America