Let's get this straight to the topic, I really don't understand idiosyncrasy of human, I met this girl in one on one chat and this girl was like,"you're mixed? Ewwww". Is racism really out of your mind, gurss what did she tell me before quitting? She said "Ion like mixed/black/brown nggas coz she is "Christian". LMAO I am deadass laughing she calls herself Christian, A follower of jesus, OMG does she even know jesus CANNOT, NEVER, EVER BE WHITE, He was from middle east, how the heck could he be white? I am not barking for some weird ss reason, I am just hurt, Literally every American guy WANT'S to marry an asian girl and every girl i know loves bts so Why, WHY THE FCK WERE THOSE 6 WOMEN WERE SHOT DEAD IN THE STATES. same Indian hate, Every person is not a fcking hrny btch. If you can't understand this then we don't need you on this planet, you deserve to be executed like tim McLean.

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