• due to my topic about Islam and terrorism, i got a lot of messages from different people . some of them was encouraging some was disrespectful to me and to my believes. so am welling to put this on the spot ... and give those who hates me and those who believes in Me the chance to express there felling and thoughts and idea in public ... ALL IS RESPECTED.

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    My question is why you are telling that you are Muslim? U don't need to justify anyone. Be a human and we respect who u are. Being a human is best justification for everyone.

  • Son, you have the most popular topic on this website that is based on religion.
    Why can't you make another topic which tells us about you?
    Are you only made up of a man made religion or do you have other aspects to your life other than religion as well.
    The month of Ramdan is upon us.
    You should use that month to spread love and not make people talk about religion and start fights here.
    The only thing religious topics are good at are starting fights.
    I really hope the next topic you make has something like your name and not your religion for i hope that you are made up of something far more than it.

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    I wonder why people hates each other just because of religion, if this is what its taught on religion (hating other people's faith) then i dont see a reason to believe in such kind of religion. For humanity is all about being kind to each other and treat everybody like your family. The space between life and death thats where we are most alive. Lets enjoy it and love each other.

  • @iambucky well said friend ... but im trying to use this platform as a power to make change . maybe it can do something maybe not . a least im trying to do what my religion taught me ... is to teach peace .... its between me and my self
    thank you for your respect

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    Ramadan Mubarak❤

  • @its-bobby man its life what cn i do

  • My friend i am also muslim are you sunni or shia

  • @muslim I am trying to make a change too, visit my profile if you'd like to see, and i applaud you for your efforts my friend,

  • @odin sure my friend .. that was the most touch comment ive receive so far let me thank you for that first ...
    and yeah sure thats the point of this topic is that you guys know more about me.
    and no my life is based on my religion but i do have a life ...
    iam a pro martial artist and i own an electro shop and ive finished my education last year .... and i work as an entertainer in the summer too ^^
    so i have a life bro ^^
    thanx man for your feelings and support ^^

  • @reign bor ... im not god
    thanx for your share ^^

  • @sup thanx bro thats really nice ^^

  • Are u fasting or not, bcoz its the month of ramadan :)

  • @its-bobby it happens to me before ... she was christian from France ... i was in deep love with her so was she ... and i was planing to marry here ... she died from blood cancer before i even can answer that.

  • Hi @Muslim ... Hi, Muslim; I am a christian and I am here to share an observation I made that may reveal more truths in the book You call the koran being birthed first from the torah; birthed from the jews. My first appeal to You is that I am sorry for Your loss, I hope that You are doing better. My second is that: "In the koran it clearly states that: "Abu Huraira reported from Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) so many ahadith and one of them was this that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The most wretched person in the sight of Allah on the Day of Resurrection and the worst person and target of His wrath would of the person who is called Malik al-Amlak (the King of Kings) for there is no king but Allah. I believe God brought me here to tell You that God is ready to open Your eyes to who 'Jesus' is; He is: "The King of Kings" whom allah fears, but if You read the Bible God says He fears no one; no one, so if allah is god then why does he fear 'anything' he shouldn't that is a inconsistency screaming for further examination, but upon examining God; He says in the bible: "You shall not fear, for I am with You; I shall uphold You with My mighty right hand" so God has no reason to fear; so either God who was proved merciful in both old and new testament even when Jonah one of Gods prophets ran away in terror; God allowed him to choose to let 1,000's of sinners: "People who are hurting God, themselves and others through breaking promises". Jonah wanted 'GOD' to kill the 'sinners' but God said: "JONAH! You don't know My heart..." Jonah threw a fit and said kill me now God, let them die; God responded: "Tell them to turn back to Me and deal justly with one another". Jonah did; the king and all the people being 'convicted' not 'condemned' repented: 'turned in action and word' from their evil toward God and one another. To God nothing is worse then when someone makes a promise and doesn't come through; it hurts a lot, especially God when He watches us pray: "Talk" to wood and objects and not to Him. God knows it's not Your fault and doesn't condemn You because it's up to You to decide to believe His witness; again the bible says: "This day I record before heaven and earth a choice Life or death; therefore 'choose' LIfe". God or allah are not really walking in consistence with who they say they are; jeopardizing their 'personality and character' yet God says both through old and new testament that, in old: "I shall build a mercy seat for My people" and the same goes in the new that: "Whosoever; that means 'anyone' calls on My name shall be saved", I guarantee You if You ask God who He really is; Jesus will show up, NOT allah because allah is dead and to ensure that I come in Love; I know just by telling You this I am stepping over Your: 'Comfort Zone' Jesus was famous for doing this; so this is not an attack on You, but darkness and powers beyond us; so despite what people say Jesus is the "King of Kings" and is very kind, compassionate and Loving; whom Islam calls the 'great prophet Isa' who did not die; but I am here to proclaim to You today that Jesus did die and was raised from death; rightly so because; 'beyond our comprehension God should always be' because by this fact is our understanding made void and Gods understanding is exalted and man is humbled; God making Jesus the savior of the world. So as a friend I came here to offer You a chance to examine the evidence and weigh the facts especially how the koran was built off of the torah, even all of this is not sufficient to persuade You but Gods power revealed in Christ through signs, wonders, miracles to make it known to all the nations that God redeems His people not by knowledge or law but by His son whom He sent to tell us He so Loved the world He sent His son to die a brutal gruesome death that allah nor muhammad could of gone through without the 'empowerment' of God through weakness so God could be strong on the behalf of us; because we trust and hold so dearly to strength and God is forgotten, but in our weakness Gods power and Love is revealed through the sufferings of Christ to preach this in 'LOVE' to You because if You think long about what is being said here: "God Loves Me and to prove it, His one and perfect son agreed to come and suffer unimaginable torment so we all could be saved" from our constant inability to control our: anger, hatred, bitterness, sadness, depression, regret; but God brings Good news to You; Love, joy, meekness, kindness, goodness, faithfulness in all these describe God but above them all is Love. Before You ask or enquire of Christ or God of the jews, examine this fact; If all the reasons why evil still exists today were revealed to You, there would be nothing that could be done about it because then if You tried to be God which all are trying by 'judging' others then we violate one anothers free will and hurt one anothers relationship. That is why no man can call God a fool; because God forgives them in their ignorance and then raises them up to stand in the death and resurrection of Christ; who died for YOU because everyone wants to be right, but we are all wrong and only God, with Christ and His spirit can open our eyes and make us right; and 'we' all humans have a common enemy: 'satan' maybe even mentioned in the koran: who has blinded the eyes of all men and caused us to war against each other through religion and tradition which God HATES; God wants a heart that just says I just want to help the broken and dying; I want the 'real' thing, I want to see God move not with little magic shows; but MIGHTY signs, miracles and wonders to set the 'enslaved' free; the real reason behind a fast is revealed; I urge You to not be offended and listen and weigh the reasoning behind the personalities of our God who Loves Christ; or the idol and wooden block that God HATES; but continually forgives and Loves You and Your people but HATES our sin; offense is no issue to me as I am called to be hated but let God be true and every man a liar as God reveals the truth to You even this night... Hi, Muslim; I am a christian and I believe God brought me here to tell You that God is ready to open Your eyes to who 'Jesus' is; whom Islam calls the 'great prophet Isa' who did not die; but I am here to proclaim to You today that Jesus did die and was raised from death; beyond our comprehension God should always be because by this fact is our understanding is made void and Gods understanding is exalted and man is humbled; God making Jesus the savior of the world.

  • @muslim the owner of this website is a muslim..

  • @muslim i m also a muslim we r the best:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

  • @muslim No Muslim. You should not say "All is Respected"...in my opinion. Respect must be earned. Maybe "All will be considered". I'm assuming English is your second language and maybe you don't know the distinction.

    As far as religion goes, I don't like yours, I don't like Christianity, I don't like any religion. They are all violent, condescending and unreasonable.

    I have nothing against you personally. How could I? I don't even know you.

    But you were looking for comments, so I gave you my opinions and my beliefs.

  • Im a muslim too:hand:

  • @hello-girls hey friend ... im a Sunni ^^

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