• do you think a woman always need a man in her life in one form or the other( dad,bro,hus)?
    if so,why? if not why?

  • You don't need a man in your life, but you should have someone to look up to who has a more masculine personality. As long as someone with a more feminine personality. It's always good to be around people with diverse personalities so you don't become biased based on how you were raised.

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  • You need a dad figure because they help with the comforting process of life if the other parent is being cough-cough crazy cough-cough. but romantically, it isn't that important because the only love that matters is the love you give yourself, unless if your a woman and wants to have a child with two parents or just wants to be a single mother. But having a guy as a best friend can help out with a lot of girl drama.

  • You don't need a man, well unless you are in saudi arabia where you need a mandatory male guardian, you don't really need "man" in the rest of the world.
    You need a partner could be man, a woman or even a dog.
    We've known married women, independent single women who became successful in their lives, but all of them had one thing in common is that they had someone to rely on, someone to be with them when going gets tough.
    So to sum it up, you don't need a man you need a partner.

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