• @Global-Moderators People these days get offended too easily.
    If there is Freedom of Speech then there will be hate speech. So please stop banning users and stop removing posts merely for some "hate" speech or meme.

    Stop being childish and grow a backbone.
    And also enjoy these memes :hugging_face:
    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Fuck political correctness :D

  • And do you know Chris Hemsworth? And why he named his daughter India?? .
    I think you fucking don't know that. And I also know that you are a looser who is trying to act as a so called cool guy. Even the greatest personalities are the most humblest people of the world so just get lost to your sad life.. Looser😡

  • And one more thing freedom of speech comes with some duty.. If you want to speak shit speak it but it shouldn't hurt others. You can't enjoy free things you looser😡