• When I say Egypt, what comes into your mind first? :D

  • @linhaha Thanks for your honest words and of course no offense taken :) I mainly wrote this post to see what people think and correct the wrong ideas might be there so allow me to tell you that Egypt not Just desert and camels, Its the absolute opposite.... Full of history, Nature, 2 Sees and a beautiful Nile and so many breath taking places شارع-المعز-القاهرة-3.jpg شارع-المعز.jpg images (1).jpg 89909130_806352479770266_5842162073915621376_n.jpg cairo-downtown-and-the-nile-river-aerial-view-egypt-WBB641.jpg

  • @Mahmoud007 makes me think of a desert and some native people on camels just ridin around, chillin, drinkin some water and in the background come and go a lot of pyramids and sphynx which reminds them of a time long gone but the sun's about to set so they decide to head back and call it a day. honestly, I don't know what the fuck I just typed and no offense I didn't mean anything in a wrong way, I think egypt is a beautiful country.

  • @Mahmoud007 I'm sure it is. I mean, I know it is. but the first thing I visualize when I think of egypt is probably what I told you which is also very historic, deep and beautiful.

  • @linhaha Thanks again for your beautiful words :)) and you're welcome to visit it anytime after the nightmare of Covid-19

  • @Mahmoud007 ahaha I hope so:}}

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