• As you already all have heard about coronavirus in almost every country. I live in Germany, and in some bigger cities there is panic.
    I went yesterday to Kaufland (bigger supermarket in Germany), and shelves with soaps, water, canned food, anti bacterial stuff - you can't get it.
    In my small city, people don't care about it much, but in bigger cities it's chaos.

    What do you think about it?
    Is it a threat for a human beings?
    Is it really that dangerous?
    Is it the chaos in other countries too?

  • Yes. It's a serious thing. I think it's good to be mindful of it but not to freak out cause just like any other sickness it will pass to. Just do your best to be prepared and try your best to stay healthy and clean.

  • @Futushimo More is being made of it than needs to be. If folk treated it as any other infection and used the basic sensible good hygiene practise they ought to be using anyway, there would be less of an issue. I find it disgusting (and insightful) how all these stores selling out of soaps etc highlights just how many people were not taking care to wash their hands properly - if at all - before. But with the mortality rate so low I'm really struggling to see the issue. Other things are far more dangerous/deadly. Seems like a way of keeping the proletariat panicked and frightened rather than anything else.

  • What I really think of it - it's just money making. I never trusted tv, and I always googled every single stuff when I heard about it, checked it on some (few) sites, if it's real.
    You've got a point @Matt_Aranha, it's more than keeping people in hand. Every few years we have some weird stuff (cow flu, bird flu or how is it called), and there's everytime the same - loud in radio, TV, internet, everybody's panicking, and after few weeks - dead silence. You can't and won't hear a thing about it

  • they were saying they should have the vaccine by 2021, who knows how bad it will get before that

  • I think I got it! I caught a cold recently and I have lost my appetite. Pluck My Life XD

  • Why would I think about a virus? XD