• Before you judge read

    Step daughter who I admit I find attractive initiated things. What started off as barely dressed and ‘wrong person’ picture msgs from her (yes again I admit I enjoyed but didn’t provoke) escalated. Her mother gone at work one night her and I watched a movie on the sofa together. Tired I dozed off and and woke up with her warm breath on my shaft followed by her mouth. Instead of the stopping her I allowed her to continue and even joined in at the end with my hand at the back of her head. IM not proud but she looked at me when she felt my hand in her head. She looked me in the eyes my eyes to hers and her lips wrapped tight on me. I could literally see myself pulsate, my dick overly rewarding a job well done. Her eyes still on mine begin to squint then her mouth opens some and drools out an impressive load.

    Any other dads feel like I’m not in the wrong?! msg on here or snap chat felixxmaf1a```

  • All you know a pink world, and you head inside pussy all 5 senses are in pink mode,
    You created the situation for yourself yeah and admitting for you self you did fancy her or deep down you like pussy , you dick jumped out you pant forgetting all the boundaries of relationship for you 3 mimtues of pleasure , may be less.
    . Ask yourself who created it than yourself? , now as a pethatic child screaming giving a perspective and making sure for yourself in your brain that my step daughter seduce me, what a title sir ?! and wanted a shoulder that some one will agree with you ,

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