Joke : New to the big city, a man goes to a local bar, high up on the roof of a major newspaper building…

  • One night he decides to visit it.

    As he exits the elevator, he sees two other men: A classy, well-dressed bartender and a more blue-collar-looking patron in glasses. He sits down next to the patron and orders a drink.

    The patron leans over to him and says, “First time here, right?”


    “Well, let me show you the best part about this place.”

    The patron quickly finishes his drink, walks to the edge of the roof, and jumps off. Just as the visitor gasps in horror, the patron floats back onto the roof.

    The visitor looks on in amazement as the patron turns around and says “Pretty neat, right? This high up, the winds are so strong that if anyone gets too drunk and falls off the roof, the air current just blows them right back onto it! It’s a lot of fun!”

    To prove his point, he runs off of the roof again, and once more, floats back onto it.

    “Wow! That’s fantastic!” exclaims the visitor. “Let me try!”

    The patron steps aside. The visitor runs to the edge and flings himself into the air. Much to his dismay, he drops like a rock, quickly picking up speed until he meets his untimely demise on the pavement below.

    The patron hiccups and turns to the bartender, who is cleaning dishes. “Did you see that, Bruce? Pretty funny, right?”

    The bartender looks up from the glass in his hand and shakes his head disapprovingly. “You’re an asshole when you’re drunk, Clark.”