• What role does Predictability play in building and maintaining relations?

  • @GreyWind I don't know about predictability but I think a relationship is based on trust and respect.

  • @Belle123 Trust and respect are key for prolonged relationships, and it takes time to nurture these in a relation. But, new friendly relations come out as very young. any views on how to build the trust and respect from that?

  • @GreyWind Having a common interest can help build a relationship. When you have something you share with another, you are inviting someone to open up and allow them to become comfortable. When someone feels you have similar interests they respond in a positive manner and may even reveal something more, however, in their own excitment over the subject it may even place them in a vulnerable state of mind if they are not careful. For example, they could say something without first thinking it over.

    I feel predictablity is an unfavorable trait overall. We are creatures of habit and we tend to do the same things, but once in awhile something abrupts the cycle and things change. Familiarity breeds decent. If you become used to something that is constant, when it does finally change course, it can leave you feeling lost, confused, and maybe even angry and fearful.

  • @GreyWind it takes time like you said.. so there are definitely no short cuts to build trust. But can start respect each other first..

  • @NewtTrouble I see that having and sharing common interests (and even developing new ones together) is a means of knowing and familiarising with each other, and this makes folks pretty comfy and cozy. 😃
    I think that familiarity with a person is inherent to building relationships. Knowing the person's nature, general preferences, a lil about their personal things and more seems natural and desirable in close relations. We all like to be comfortable knowing about other people so we could anticipate their behavior and then act accordingly.

  • @GreyWind @NewtTrouble With time, people in a mature relation get accustomed to each other. And they might be rather content with it. But, I believe that the issue becomes a problems when monotony arises and someone starts seeking a change. And It aggravates when there is a refusal to that change and the subsequent differences in expectations from the relation. When those people aren't willing to make efforts together, things might get nasty.
    Upon breaking it down, I see that it's the much dreaded monotony and the aversion/unwillingness to change that spoil the relations.

  • @GreyWind I'll not say a lot on this but there is just one thing and that's "faith on each other" that helps in building a better relationship

  • @Mickeyyyyy Faith and trust are the pillars of any longstanding relation. I am willing to discuss more on how to build those pillars strong. :)