• I'm gonna be as blunt and as honest as possible

    1. When you see a girl you like, it’s not about brains or personality….lets be honest, you wanna see what’s underneath.

    2. When or if you’re with that girl you like you’re gonna try every which way to score.

    3. High school relationships are DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. Prepare yourself for arguments and fights that won’t matter in the slightest, get ready to ask yourself is this really worth the headache?

    4. If you wanna be in a relationship, GET A JOB! You’re gonna need the money, for dates, gifts…etc…

    5. The average teenager actually hates working, or at least has a love/hate relationship with working, especially nowadays when all you wanna do is be in your devices or play video games.

    6. When you learn and remember so much as a kid you think you know everything when you’re a teenager.

    7. Jocks and cheerleaders still date.

    8.When you have your first BF/GF in high school you will become cocky and conceited about it, GUARANTEED!

    9.If you end up marrying your high school sweetheart, you are one lucky dude!

    10.Enjoy high school

    What could you share about being a teenager😑

  • for me, highschool consists of
    1. dumbasses and crackheads that make other students day and teachers misery
    2. one of many peoples first true heart breaks for a dumbass named Suzan that used u for buying that bag of Cheetos
    3.sleeping in math class cause 1+1= fish
    4.the grouPS my gosh we got the: weebs and introverts (suh as myself), the actual crackheads(also me), the church yee yee kids(nOT ME), the ipostpicsoffishandmebois, the og gamers(ME), and the popular(ew) people
    5.the Good teachers and the Bad teachers(yah ms Barnet im talking to you)
    :> that is all

  • That’s basically high school in my town

  • Pandilla de Pandas ♡ soul searchers ♡

    for me since I’m in Uni now

    • just be you, Exp: if ur a dick stay as a dick because in the end u won’t really change.
    • Keep learning, that shit is really important in the future even tho not many like it. Life be a competition now ( Jobs, Relationships, Goals ). If you can stay ahead of everything it’s better for you :).
    • Keep your circle close, trust who’s been there for you since day 1

  • It's a bit funny that i can be blunt but i didnt even experience one of which stated above except for number 10

  • @NatalieNastyy u have got a point Nat

  • Pandilla de Pandas ♡ soul searchers ♡

    @Jeeeeeeedd I always do

  • @NatalieNastyy you gave me tips about being in Uni. now hehe tnx

  • Pandilla de Pandas ♡ soul searchers ♡

    @Jeeeeeeedd that’s only the tip of the iceberg 😭


  • Actually there used to be SO MUCH DRAMA in elementary school for some reason

  • @Apricot also not to flex but I have enough money to last me 10 years

  • @Apricot damn, cool

  • @Dylan-17
    Valid for 7 years only !!

  • @Apricot who died?

  • you can get away with damn near anything and just blame it on "im still a teenager, not an adult"

  • They get grounded all the time and still unsatisfied, demanding more money, asking adult to bought them alcohol, fight back, banging the doors and sneaking out to smoke pots.

  • @mikeJB no one, my family just grew up with a lot of money lol

  • ABOOBS Chocolate Lovers ;) ♡ soul searchers ♡ SEEKERS


    1. If you ask about girls then I agree then I don't consider her brain or heart tbh but how she looks from outside but not underneath 😂😂
    2. Its not that you wanna score with every girl you are with and it's also not that you love a girl just to score..
    3. It depends on your personality and behaviour. Like all relationship in high school are dramas , atleast not the ones which are 4 or 5 yrs long...
      4.jobs,money are just secondary things of she really loves you cause of you two live each other you need place on each other's heart . That's what matters...
    4. No bro not all teenagers hate working, ask those who have a dream or aim in their life...
    5. Yeah teenagers think they knew everything cause they don't have experience . This is totally natural..
    6. Well I can't say about that cause never dated a cheerleader.
    7. Yeah we do become cocky but if your relationship is real then you become more responsible and caring toooo on the other hand...
    8. Well it's very hard to marry your school girl cause there is very very less chance that you two will live together cause of highschool experience 😂😂😂 which are mostly ugly
    9. And yeah bro I enjoyed my highschool.....
    10. Another thing I wanna confess this is the biggest answer I ever wriiten on tws😂😂😂

  • @Apricot watch out for that line of boyfriends then

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