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    Nowdays, I am unable to control my emotions , something strange things going on which never happen before. So, anyone who is experienced or suffer from this type of things, Please provide me guidance.

  • What you need to do is to learn to move on. I know it will take time but it is not impossible. Leave your emotional baggage behind and follow the road ahead. Interact with more people and make some friends. Take it easy. Open yourself to the world. The world has many beautiful things to offer.

  • @iambucky
    I can sense your emotional problem what actually
    It's matter of age
    Avoid unnecessary things and activities
    Try to connect yourself with good routine and keep going; on other hand, you can find the solution for that

    Everything changing, everything moving

    Be you, be bold, be good

  • Personally, whenever I need to control myself, I usually borderline act up first, before remembering how I want to behave. Just catching yourself right before you act is enough. Give yourself a reminder that a deep breath never did anyone harm, and neither did walking away from a problem or a root of whatever is making controlling your emotions so difficult. Avoid the issue, and if you can't, knock it down a peg by finding something you consider more important and worth your while.