Where have all the Moderators gone?

  • @Nibba-18 ladydoall is most certainly no catfish. You are just a juvenile asshole with no grasp of what is being said and trying to be clever for self gratification. I pity you if that is all your life amounts to

  • @Nibba-18

    Then what you expect? They have to maintain +10.000 Posts about nudes and stuff then you cant post whatever you want here? As long as it is not a link that directly lead you to "suspicious site like this ladydoll did in her signature, it is not a big deal.

    Then they need to lock this site down and do a sweep. If there was a way to contact admin, then there could obviously be a change in the way the site is run. How about a category solely for issues where a few mods handle the issues and/or report it to other mods?
    Furthermore, I am seeing links from bots leading to “suspicious sites”, shouldn’t the mods deal with it then?

    Of coz, it is not that easy, bruh. You have to get at least 1K reputation to do such flag. It is a breakthrough that this site has since 2019. As a new user, you may have to understand it first rather than protesting. Oh, dont forget to mingle!

    Oh, I understand the way the system works. 1k rep just to help the mods? Of course the site’s a fucking mess. By the time one reaches 1k one will most likely forget about reporting at all since one has been so limited for so long. It’s a backwards system and does not work.

    Nah. This ladydoall did something like i said previously. If you think that they did not put their best effort, they already did. But it is too much users here, they even have to banned underage users here. If you want such safer/more pleasant environment, may be this is not the place that you can find your expectation, as this site is free, even administrator and global moderator aint get payment for their roles 😂 i suggest you to find your great heaven of internet outside there rather than you say this thing that they may not concern that much lol.

    Honestly, too many users? In the two-three days I’ve been a member I have seen the handful of users on this site. And if the mods don’t get enough pay, well then they should allow us users some more freedom in reporting spam/harassment. That would save the mods time which means less money spent on the issue. At least lower the rep demand to 100, hell, 50 would do.

    You may be right, maybe I’m being a bit too optimistic on what this site has to offer. Hell, it doesn’t really suit my needs. But so far I’ve enjoyed it, as it’s not a complete shit show, however, there’s plenty of room for improvement and I am offering constructive criticism which is the only thing I can do as of right now.

  • @Andrés Andrés Nibba is an attention seeking troll, i wouldn't hold your breath if you're seeking a measured and sensible response from him. I'll make a point of upvoting your comments when i see them as this is one of the ways to increase your rep to the point where you can flag the dodgy people to the mods. But you are right, that shouldn't be a privilege, it should be possible for everyone to do this. If someone was abusing it then action could then be taken against them. Would be a better, fairer and more useful system. The way things are currently has led to lots of really good people and posters leaving here, generally people i liked a lot. I've stayed in touch with some of them off site but some i lost contact with and it's really shit. People i built up friendly meaningful relationships with and then lost because they were hounded away by the "hey baby, dm me, let's talk, hit me up" brigade propositioning them, being obscene, sending dick pics etc. Even happens when girls are talking about suicide, bereavement, relationship breakdowns etc, there'll be guys on there being seriously inappropriate. It should be an instant banning offence in my opinion. I've seen it all here. There is currently an extremely racist thread on here which has been allowed to run and nothing has been done about it. Wtf?

  • @Scottish true, he’s a troll. I got a bit carried away. Oh well, you made some very interesting arguments. And for what it’s worth, I didn’t care much for the accusations nibba spat out regarding you two.

    Have a good one and I’ll hopefully see you in another, more uplifting thread!

  • Global Moderator

    @Andrés hej, hur mar du? Since you said you're new, then welcome to TWS.. We are entitled of our own opinion, free speech and personal sensing but I also like to clarify that there is no Dictatorship in this site, but we have Mods to moderate and not to dictate..

    @Ladydoall30 nobody knows what is your signature all about, except its a link.. Not all links here are consider appropriate others have malicious or explicit content that the site dont honor.. It will be nice if users will use readable signature such words, pics, quotes, proverbs instead of link to avoid misunderstanding..lets all abide the community rules.

  • PM Draw Rangers

    @Ladydoall30 Since you have decided to bring this issue on the table, you were banned for a period of 24 hours after having filled the forum with porn ads as a protest for the delay of the administrative team when attending your account deletion request.

    While I can understand your frustration, the administration generally has a multitude of matters to handle, and these processes take their time. Taking it out on moderators (who lack the ability to answer deletion requests) via spam was completely unnecessary.

    @Nibba-18 have followed the rules every time my fault was asking why the site its self wasn't at the time. Something I will assume is above the pay grade of the moderators

    @Andrés the keyword there luv was/is "Money" more eyeballs more money, the more money made the weaker the things get so more money can be made with more eyeballs ....and the slide downhill goes

    Once again, we are volunteers that get elected to perform moderation duties among regular users. It is not that we have low salary conditions, rather, that given the voluntary nature of our position, we do not charge.

    @Andrés The capacity to downvote/report a user is a privilege, not a right, but the required reputation is 50. Alternatively, you can contact any of the @Global-Moderators and we´ll be happy to attend you.

    This is the About page you were looking for.
    There used to be the possibility to send suggestions and requests through a contact form, but that option is currently disabled. For any technical query, please send an email to [email protected]

  • @Ladydoall30 is your cover a nude?

  • @Ladydoall30 Awww ! Thats a really sweet thought 😄

    Heres another !

    try to be interesting

    The last time I was asked this question was at jury duty. I responded, "I have seen every episode of every Law& Order franchise."

    I was the first one thrown out of the jury pool . smh 😢 😢 😆

  • Oh I never left, I was banned for a few months cause of the lack of moderating being done I kept reposting what was being sent to me and being posted soI was banned for the inappropriate posts and all I was doing was showing a light on what was sanctioned as ok as for the so-called adds they were being posted not generated by the site. It's more or less the code of conduct that seems to be very blurry

  • Banned

    I wish ur computer / laptop was a server so we can see that image in ur signature which is stored in ur local storage

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @Ladydoall30 Your signature is literally a picture that contained explicit things, which was the reason that we probably banned you for

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @Ladydoall30 Do you mind showing me the picture, so I can see if it was an accident or not? You can dm it or show it here.

  • It wasn't my pic it was an add pic on this site and it was back in January like two hundred years ago in on-line time

  • https://goo-gl.su/ka6dMTw7
    Look there are now as we speak 8 more like it just posted and me reposting it will most likely get me banned once more

  • @Scottish careful, you might get banned 😉

  • @Scottish sssshhhh 😂😂 dont mention that, i am doing such undercover here. Dont reveal me up please 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @Ladydoall30 i think you may do something that can not be tolerated or you break the rules here. Thats why they banned you.
    Like before this, 2 of moderators asking why do you have such files on your signature right? It may be not stated fully/bluntly, but you already start a mistake.

  • @Andrés scottish? 😂 oh yes, he made a funny protest letter with Sarah_The_Magpie also 🤣 now i remember a funny story in January 2020
    It is not dictatorship, you just have to follow the rules btw.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) Music Lovers Gamers

    it depends how serious the moderators are, but this is the internet sooooo it's hard to tell whether they take this business seriously or just don't have the effort to put a security feature into their web site.

    They are around probably different shifts, all lurking, you know how it goes......

  • @Scottish 😂 nah scottish, do you know why they banned ladydoll?
    Coz she made a signature with a link of something in her computer. It may be not a biggy deal, but for them (moderator) who has concern of hackers attack/porn link or whatever spam/bad links, it is obviously triggered em to banned this user.

    I dunno the previous case coz i never met this ladydoll in pubchat, LC or even Global Chat, but i think i can relate why they had that decision. Coz this Ladydoll may misuse link here. As one of rules in here, users are not allowed to share/post such inappropriate link. Please relate this first before you go to ask another question lel.

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