How do I get over a broken heart?

  • Im freaking out, I need advice, I recently just got out of my first real relationship and it physically hurts to live for real.... Its been a month since we last talked and he has a new girl, and Im so confused :( I really thought id marry him and i need advice, theres so much hurt I cant get over....

  • It is not worth to kill yourself, but as someone who has experienced this strong pain and is going through it again, I know no words will help you. It will be up to you. I know it seems like the end of the world, how can you live without this person you felt this connection with. But you will met someone else, and find a love that will be greater (even if you do not think anyone will be better than him) there will be. May sound stupid but try to go on dates, or met other people somehow, even if you do not think you will enjoy the night out, just get yourself out there, it will distract your mind and eventually the pain will go away.

  • First, I'll pray for you. Second, if you pray I ask you to pray for yourself as well so that you can move on from that hurt you are experiencing. But know that time heals and you can't be hard on yourself your life is so important. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but first you must heal in order to catch a good one. Blessings!

  • @otsbunny everything went sideways, I even tried committing suicide 5 times this year since we started to fall apart.... I miss him so much, and I dont know what to do... it kills me to wake up and realize ive lost him

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    try not to think about it to hard and just move on

  • @Buggii maybe I can help. dami na rin natulungan nitong kilala ko na nagpapabalik sa mga asawa, boyfriend at mahal sa buhay. Marunong din sya ng iba't-ibang ritual. experienced and authentic healer sya. It may be the last resort but it can really work as long as you have patience and very strong faith i this. Spell casting, rituals, witchcraft are not instant magics and it takes a period of time. Time frame 2 to 3weeks until 1 month maximum but it will granted as long as you can wait. Some people get results in weeks. It depends on how you abide the rules and how complicated the case is. One time payment but rituals are not done once but several times until you get good results. Major rituals are done every tuesday and friday. Daily rituals are included. She also performs her rituals openly to her clients. Very sincere to her work and trustworth. Package includes the materials and free reading. If you want a separate pabasa or your request will be done.just message me if you still have inquiries. thanks

  • @otsbunny I recommend, either finding someone else, or if you aren't ready for that, adopt a dog. it will be therapeutic for both you and the pup, and its scientifically proven dogs relieve stress. hope this helped.

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    @otsbunny disturb yourself by doing something . Adopt pets, shopping new slaying outfits, or travel in any places that could make you calm. Just make yourself busier as possible!

  • @otsbunny No one can help u to get over,until unless you want to move on. You just need to think whatever happens happens for good n move on that's it.

  • There is only one true answer to your question and it is not an easy one. You have to break it again.

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