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    I was riding a skateboard through an empty street when suddenly one of the tyres of a truck came speeding at me with an ominous autotuned 'Eeeee' sound. Then later, I saw a young girl of about 15 or 16 in a purple kimono pouring green tea, and tending to a Bonsai placed in a pot on a table. She turned her head in my direction and smiled. Lastly, for some reason, I thought myself to be flying through the air, and that's when I woke up. Any ideas to what my crazy dream might mean? rofl

    I am not into graphics, so what I saw couldn't be just FX or CGI..I have never rode a skateboard, much less out onto the road. The tyre, which I managed to avoid, was larger than my entire body. :) :) :)

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    @Basit-Naqvi maybe give your asl ? can change some stuff. Im no pro but im good at linking ideas, pm me if you dont want to tell to much here

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