1. Would you rather kiss a...?
      a. Donkey
      b. Monkey

    2. Would you rather eat...?
      a. Donkey Poo
      b. Frog eggs

    3. Would you rather stroke a...
      a. Hedgehog on the spike's
      b. Slug's slimy back

    4. Would you rather stare at a...?
      a. Mouse
      b. Kangaroo

    1. b
    2. b
    3. b
    4. a
      Is there a difference between staring at a mouse than a kangaroo?
  • Gamers

    1b... Donkey might try to eat my face!

    2b... Frog's eggs sounds tasty actually.

    3a... Have done both, prefer the hedgehog. Ultimately, they're cuter.

    4a... Mouse is less likely to be bothered by it