• I am making music, in a Hands Up/Dance/Hardstyle/Club music since few years. Got few remixes and few singles released in LNG Music, RG Music, Mental Madness Records. I'm bad in writing any lyrics, so I'm always using free vocals, and sometimes only short ones or something. My single "Jinpachi Futushimo - Maximum Overload 2k18" was released in 2018 on Hands Up Freaks label, and it got quite popular in europe.

    You can find me on YouTube, SoundCloud, and all over internet :)

    It's nothing bug tho, cause I'm an amateur music producer - Jinpachi Futushimo :)

  • @Futushimo Nice to know about your love for music. Can you please share the links for TWS members to enjoy your compositions? I'll surely Google you, but still you can share some of your compositions here for us to access them quickly! All my best wishes for your noble ventures...

  • @Babaji_ Hi! Welcome to TWS. If your poems are in English, can you please share a few of them here? Or if you write a blog, you may also love to share the link so that we can appreciate a few of your creations. Nice to meet you!

  • @Freedom-Writers
    Let's begin the process of sharing.... I'm sure many will eventually follow.... I call this poem:
    A Bird Without it's Wings!

    It's a romantic poem where a husband expresses his pain in being unable to understand the needs of his wife. He has been portrayed to convey how he's failing to fathom his wife's expectations from him, how his wife wishes herself to be loved by him:

    Click here to view the poem

  • So I will put some links here then:

    Jinpachi Futushimo - Maximum Overload 2k18

    It was my first released official single (I had some singles, but they were released for free)

    Tiesto Feat. Kyler England - Take Me (Jinpachi Futushimo Bootleg)

    That track went really viral, and it I was on internet show called Hands Up Homeys because of that track

  • @anonymous92
    OH yes, it is a love for music. When I'm putting my headphones on, I'm in a different world - my world 😊😉

    I like your poem 😎

  • @anonymous92 I write poetry (posted here about monthly), compose music, and produce music; both edm and producing other singers. DM if you're interested!
    I release to apple music and other major streaming services

  • @anonymous92 Thee say i look graceful.
    I look graceful
    As i keep twirling and turling
    My hair, over and over.
    Thee say I look complete.
    Even when i m alone
    Complete. As i stare blankly into nothing
    The motion of tornadoes
    In coffee cups
    Oh those coffee stains in my books
    Thee say thy are lyric
    Thy arent lyric. Thy are careless
    Mind less. Thy are stains.
    Thee say i seem i amuse
    I amuse
    Tracing the oblivious
    The flow of yellow dandelions
    Of baby whiskers
    How do i say my mind is blowing away
    I listen carefully word to word
    Only to keep thyself there, to hold
    Still my mind is wandering around that streetlight flickering next street
    Tranquility o lord no i am quiet
    The vacuous sush of a lip
    The howling whip of thy mind
    I am staining my bed sheets
    In my periods
    Only to know im alive
    My lamentations
    You cant call them graceful
    You donot whisper to them
    At all
    Im not graceful
    I m not graceful
    I m not

  • @anonymous92 I Love poetry!! I make lots of poems you can see on my main profile under 'Best posts' , and I produce lots of music too! You should totally hmu!!

  • @moon-noom
    You described something so subtle and deep in such a unique way, I am amazed, I am thankful, I am blessed! Keep penning more such beautiful pieces.... I'm indeed speechless after reading your composition.