virtual random strangers or real life friends? whom do u feel like opening up to more?and why?

  • for me it would be random strangers
    and the reason is that they don't have anything on you to judge you and they cant use it against you and their anwers are not biased.

  • Ofcourse strangers...
    Strangers don't judge. You'll probably never talk to them again.
    There is no baggage when you talk to a stranger.
    Where as friends judge and more or less share your stuff with a third person.

  • Very often it is so .. but if we prefer strangers it is because we don't want to be judged, and we don't consider friends worthy of trust (therefore they are mere acquaintances). Friends, they can judge you, but you always know that they are there, ready to criticize you but also to support you .. this is what friends do, they laugh with you and at you .. I would never change this bond with a stranger, who perhaps does not judge, but still leaves you with a sense of emptiness. Friends don't use confidences against us .. they are allies rather than enemies .. I always prefer friends

  • Depends on how you perceive it , like random stranger would not judge you or has liability to correct you , he would be only able to tell you what he discussed in those small conversation which might be cool for someone just to ease out his heart or tell something which should not be judged but on the other hand friends will try to correct you , judge you cause they know you better and provide feedback suited for you . So the crux what the matter of talk if you want to be judged or not .