• My my, have you stumble upon something "interesting"....

    For this, will be, one of the funnest enliven design in which I have the luck of knowing... the broad spectrum of perspectives from others, and of course, ourselves...

    The idea is simple.

    You are given... papers of all possible textures, pens of all perceived colors, but only one glass bottle.

    For this bottle... is special... for what you see, may only be ordinary glass, "essentials... cannot be foreseen with the eyes."
    For you see, This bottle... when thrown to the sea... this bottle... will find its intended person... its intended recipient.
    As if fairy-tales reign true.

    If you were to write to your future one true love, your words will be heard, your feelings transparent.
    If you were to write to the someone lost to our existence, your poetic words will find, what you cannot.
    If you were to write to someone of the past, perhaps even yourself, your words will transcend time to do so.

    Any recipient, any soul whom has ever been or ever will be... this bottle... is magic.

    The vast material of papers and pens of all lustrous variety rest before you, on a grand desk with the sunset as filler light..
    Idling on a wintergreen evening, cold breezes flows with oceans wave crashing upon the beach line, separating you from beyond..

    Knowingly, that a message in a bottle could be send forth... will eventually reach...

    You pick up a pen, position the paper, smilingly... confidently... fearfully... knowing your message will reach whom it is for...

    Whom your words are intended for...

    You begin... what is... a very special message... intimate...

  • Great concept. Now, y'see, the main magic thing would be for me to even have time to sit down and do a lovely-coloured message-in-a-bottle. I would do ...a cartoon of, say, Boris Johnson in a tiny submarine fighting Corona germs in someone's bloodstream (ala Inner Space), and then, the person finding the bottle would be the editor of The Guardian, and he'd think, "Wait a minute, this is great - Indrid Cold you've got the gig as Chief Cartoonist and Garry Trudeau can F off back to unfunny Libtard Hell where he belongs".

    Either that or I'd write the lottery numbers and send them back to myself in the past. But Thunderball or Set For Life, not Lotto or Euromillions. I'M NOT GREEDY.

  • I would like to do something for my future self, someone that will kill the person I am trying to forge as awesomeness itself. These words shall be from a light novel, I can't think of anything better.

    "Regardless if what I do, be it study or work, I will keep on living."

    I read this novel over the worst time period of my life so they are really special to me.