• Hello, world. I know I don't generally post this time of day. There are reasons I'm doing so, now. As of late a lot has been going on in my life. Not much of it pleasant, or expected, much of it the exact opposite. Situations within my control, and others out of my hands. Life has ways of twisting and turning, but it always continues on, and on. As with the phases of the moon, we all go through changes, phases, in our lives. It's a natural progression. Living is learning, growing, experiencing, changing, and maturing. I don't know what any of your phases are, or were, but I could make some good guesses. There are always fads, and fashions, current opinions, moods, styles, feelings, and attitudes that change in us, as we go through each stage of life, on our way to becoming whoever we will eventually be. Sometimes spectacular, and often heart-breaking, but all are experiences that linger, as parts of who we were, and help guide us into who we'll become. My advice? Never regret the phases you've gone through. Have no shame about who you may have been. All those earlier versions of you have led you to this point. Being exactly who you are, right now. And this current you is the most special person in the world. No matter the when, you'll always be the current you. As I've said, a number of life changes are happening for me. Decisions being made. Some by my choosing. Some will be chosen by others. All part of life, so I can't really complain, or be bitter. I've known many great moments, and some sad ones, too. I've at least managed some balance, between the two. I've been doing a lot of deep, real, soul-searching, these past days. I feel the pull of choices starting to draw ever closer. One day I'll be someone else, and won't find myself in the same situations or circumstances. I hope I like the me I'll become. I'm not much liking this me, or the life I currently find myself residing in. But, I know it's going to be alright, I'm just going through a phase. Stay safe, follow your heart's dreams, never fear being who you will be. And always embrace the many phases of you that you have been. :om:

  • @Lazz This is the longest DJ Drop ever!!

  • @Lazz Just know that any hard times, scary decisions or bad situations you are put in, we will always be there to help ( as much as we can on the internet anyway). Stay Strong, stay happy, and smile.

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    I understand your post .. and what you are saying is fine and truthful..

  • Henlo Gang

    This post just gave me words I could use for actually how things happen and angel , if u going through anything hard or u not sure abt some things just remember u got people who love u n care for u n will always b there to support u , and ur sis is here as always :)

  • Beautifully said lazz, change is the only constant.

  • @Lazz
    very wise words, lazz. truly.

    there really is no telling where life will take us, or how different things affect our personalities/opinions/thoughts/etc. change is a constant process and it's scary how subtle it is. years go by and you suddenly find yourself an entirely different person, whether you like it or not.

    but everything is good for something, right? every phase we go through teaches us something new about life, and every mistake is a lesson waiting to be learned. as long as we embrace it, everything will be alright.

    i do hope you'll make through it. i'm definitely rooting for you :)

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    What are you going to do? I didn't understand.. @Lazz
    Whatever you do, do good..

  • @sarah_the_magpie Coming from you, that's high praise and means a lot :peace: Also, thanks for the kind words. I'll take them to heart.

  • @kaia_ Too much? Apologies, if so, just lots on my mind

  • @Katherine-k Thank you.

  • @Katherine-k I am trying my best, really. At least of the things I can decide.

  • @Sparkle52 Thanks, behen, with such nice eyes. I appreciate that

  • @CocoLillian The support helps, it really means a lot. Thanks

  • @Furious_Duck The only thing that will never change is that things will always change. Such a paradox

  • @Lazz Those phases are just about a matter of self determination of being. Everything can be solved with the right state of mind. And I know you are very good at it.

  • @kaia_ If I could imagine myself as seen through your eyes....and you through mine. If only I had the clarity of thought, and precision with words that you clearly do, my "intros" would be MUCH shorter. And would probably make more sense, as well. :smirk:

    You are kindness incarnate, and of a kind that's very much appreciated.

  • @Lazz If we're willing to see, hear and feel what many others don't have, we'll develop a thankful mind, heart and soul. No matter what life throws at us, we'll still find peace within. You have been doing it, right? Be patience :)

  • @kaia_ As so often you do, you manage, yet again, to weave words into tapestries of thought, clarity, insight, wisdom, and emotion. I strive for peace. within and without. At this point still a work in progress. In patience I abide :peace: :heart: :pray: :yin_yang:

  • @Lazz hey, its been a long time since then. I just open ur message and read this right away.Lazzy, all of us have different difficulties of life. The more getting older the more harder but its alright you just need to accept and trust yourself. Everything happened has a purpose and we are always here for you. Dont ever hesitate to message us, especially me.. :)