• Hi. I'm Alex. I'm a real dork, and I just wanna have fun and make friends. I'm looking for someone who would rp with me and take it seriously, and be willing to do rps that aren't about sex. I think it would be a good way to make friends, which Jesus all mighty I fucking need lol. We could rp as ourselves or as characters from a game/show/ect.

    Games/Shows/Stuff like that I'd like to rp about....
    Eddworld (Ever Heard Of It?)
    Minecraft (Cringey I know, lol)
    Omegaverse (Does anyone know what that is cuz I fucking love it)

    Types of rps...
    Sexual (literally any fetish or whatever as long as it's not pedophilia)
    Character X Character (for role-playing as characters that aren't us)
    Friends doing whatever
    Romance (I'm into that cute cheesy stuff, like secret crushes or high school romance)

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