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    Let's discuss these few important questions..

    How much do you follow the news?

    What do you think doesn’t get enough news coverage?

    What gets too much attention in the news?

    How do you get your news?

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  • @Akkii I follow some news. Local and nationwide, mostly. I do catch some news daily. GOOD news is lacking and could be covered more. Politics, and crime is always featured, and natural and other disasters. I get news from local TV and internet. Prefer focused news stories on the internet. Good topic!

  • @Akkii Generally yes, with certain news stories. Especially with local "Breaking News" stories.

  • @Akkii
    well, Here's the Important topic about news coverage from the whole around the world.

    From my point of view,

    In this 21st century we get all kind of knowledge on our palm with just one touch. whether there's question about interior or exterior knowledge of world.

    when for reading, we prefer to read Newspapers, sports Programs, Poetry, Comics, Dictionaries, Magazines etc.

    So, like Books with Included pictures News is the best thing to read.

  • @Akkii
    Now, It's time to discuss the answers of your Important questions, are Followings:

    1》I do Follow news not regularly but casually when I get the chance I read it by all categories whether It's about sports, national/international, business, economics, crimes, lifestyle etc.

    2》while thinking to get enough news coverage. as I think.. It's depends on their broadcastings, These are usually restricted to short videos on social media ... It while reading an online news through news apps Included E-papers.

    3》Regarding getting to much attention from news, obviously It's depends on Highlights breaking news reporting on Different Channels. For Example, As of now today, The event named "Namaste Trump" was organized at world's largest Motera stadium, Ahmedabad. It was a very Memorable and wonderful visit of the US president honourable Sir Donald Trump and great met up with our Honourable Indian Prime Minister Sir Modi ji.

    4》In order to get updates about the happenings, one has to know the best ways to consume news. Are as follows:

    1. Reading the newspapers is the most convenient way of knowing the news in detail.

    2. In the way of Smartphone there's Youtube, News Apps, Social Media Networks.. Now every news channel, newspaper has become digital i.e. you can have an easy access to news.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Exactly, sir .. Here In INDIA also "The Hindu" costs Rs. 8/10 (INR) while other similar newspapers like "The Times of India" never cost more than Rs. 5 (INR).

    It's depends on demand and supply therefore prices are different for different states in INDIA.

    So, It's better to read E-Newspaper.

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    @Lazz do you like to do your own research after you see any breaking news?

  • Live Chat Regulars SEEKERS ABOOBS Banned

    @Lazz good we should do research on every news story that affects us

  • @Akkii
    Sorry Brother for too long Content ..

  • @Bad_Comrade Reading a newspaper is one of life's great joys. But alas who has the time nowadays? And also, the Guardian and Observer cost about £3.50, WHICH IS INSANE.

  • @Bad_Comrade Mmm. It's reassuring (I guess?) that people in India get ripped off as much people in England. Still I'm sure you'll probably have a revolution sooner than we will. :thumbs_up_medium-light_skin_tone:

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Yup Surely sir, but not here only but there will be too..

    probably in both of our country will a revolution sooner which will conveys both of country to better prosperity compare to today.:smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

  • @Akkii
    I hate news it's just waste of time :smirk:

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    @Belly0_0 but shona i like news and I got one related to you as well but I'll not release it yet 😏

  • @Akkii how can there be many question?

  • I generally avoid the news

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