What's the recquired quantity of something to become a mount?

  • Imagine you have 10 grains of sand, is it considered a mount of sand?

    And a thousand of grains of sand, is it a mount?

    Same can be applied to everything, such as clothes. Does a pile of 10 sweat shirts is a mount?

    If you give it a deeper thinking it has more to do with the size.

    What do you stranger think?

  • 4 grains of sand or 3 sweat shirts could make a mountain.
    only thing is do you want a mountain for a ant or for a giant?
    then quantity matters.

  • @davitchen No it is Einstein's theory of relativity, gravity increases with the mass of the planet slowing time down on one planet relative to any planet with relatively smaller mass. So what i am trying to say is that your mount depends on gravity of the parameters considering which you are checking the size of the mount. that would be deeper thought Or we can just put 15 clothes together and call it a mount. if we just consider the size parameter independent of anything else.

  • @davitchen if parents are visiting then 2 sweat shirts count as a mount of dirty clothes, if you are alone. Let it pile...
    In the words of Marvin Gaye Ain't no mountain high enough!!

  • @davitchen Pretty much!!
    Imagine rising to a pile of clothes instead of the SUN!!!

  • @lucifer_ I was counting a human as reference to this

  • @lucifer_ So you mean that the concept of a mount is determined wether parents are or not home.

    I see that Charlie puth have already gave a tought to it and applied it on his songs!

  • @lucifer_ So, considering the Einstein's theory of relativity if we put clothes all together the bigger the mount is, the slower the earth spins. And, if the clothes mount exceeds the mass of the earth, the earth will start to orbit the pile of enless clothes.

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