Do you think she found out it was me & that’s why she put her tweets on private?

  • So I have my Twitter tweets on private & I don’t follow this girl on Twitter so When I was going through this girl twitter page she made a post about something & idk if I pressed liked on her post or something but when I went to her Twitter page later she put it as private. Do u think she knew it was me and maybe that’s why she put her twitter account on private or no?

    Btw back in high school when I had classes with her one day I was sitting at my desk on my phone and I was on my friends twitter tweet and she was hanging out with her friends and she came over to get a chair and she saw me that I was on Twitter and she thought I was looking at her tweets but i was on my friends tweet. But then later when I went to her Twitter she put as private. So idk maybe she put her Twitter page on private because of me then

  • Yes, I think she most likely put it on private just because of you, You sound like the kind of guy any girl would be repulsed to think is "following" her.

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    u can't be sure U were the reason. even If u are, why is it important???do u like her?

  • If he was sure would he ask "Do you think"? Is it important he knows he can't be sure he's the reason?

  • One Woman Army GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders Freedom Writers

    @Don-Rose He's asking other's opinion. what I got from his text was this that he thinks he's the reason and is a bit sure of it. Also by it it important I mean why he cares If the girl has her twitter private now. I was asking If he likes her or has a crush on her

  • Yes, so did I. I got that he thinks he's the reason so I let him know he was. I think he's better off understanding he is the reason than to continue on confused and questioning. Obviously he can't ask her why she went private at such a convenient time as to cause him pain.

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