• i am reminded of this. God does things we dont understand. but he will always make good from bad, light from dark, etc. i think of the term "coal to diamonds". i may not understand why the Lord does thinfs the way he does, but i have trust and faith in the fact he has a GOOD reason. i think of people he has worked his spirit through. look at John Walsh. his son Adam ws killed at only 6 yrs old. so you would screamo otu "why"!? but look what happened in the after. John went on to for the Americas Most Wanted and helped find missing and exploited children in the thousands! if you look at it closely, in almost every death, if you wait long enough, you can see the positives that become of it. he uses that tragedy to create a triumph. so as i cry tonight, i also remember that. "He got this"

  • remember this from Kobe:

    the greatest weapon you have against your enemy is your own confidence

  • this was beautiful but so real.i heard it today:

    "it 's sad it takes tragedy to always remind us of our own mortality"

    if you remember kobe today, remeber him not for the STAR he was.............................................but for the MAN he was

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