thank you for showing me how to be a better man, father, friend, and person. thank you for showing me what work ethic really means. to do everything that is in front of you the best you can, no matter what it is. whether you are cleaning toilets for a business, or running that business. it all counts. thank you for showing me how to rise about when others are trying to bring you below. thank you for showing me you never have to brag when you are good. you let your excellence and hard work you put in do it for you. thank you for showing me the greatest thing you can do as a human is to uplift others around you that need it. thank you you for showing me the power of family and how it lives forever, even in death. and lastly, thank you for showing me you can be a superhero and still be mortal. RIP/MAMBA

    *i cried writing this. i cried hard

  • one more thing ill add, children watch Marvel comics movies. they look for Spiderman and Iron Man and Superman and look around for superheroes to revere. they didnt even realize they had one walking amongst them all along. not the Black Panther, but the BLACK MAMBA

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