guys, im crying right now...

  • but in a good way! so heres the story. a had all kinds of panic episodes and what not . ran my heart rate to the clouds! i recently went in for an echo of my heart. it was told all was normal and great EXCEPT i have LVH but it was mild. for those that dont know its basically an enlarged heart due to stress on the heart wall. mainly the left ventricle that pumps most of the blood. now that can be tamed with beta blockers and pressure meds which im on. but anyway, why am i crying? there is also a thing called HCM. pretty much the same thing EXCEPT , and this is huge. IT IS NOT CAUSED BY HYPERTENSION! it is something you are born with through inherited faulty genes. they produde more heart wall muscle cells than normal and make your walls thicker. this will eventually make your heart like a stiff balloon ready to pop. no elasticity and your heart cant fill or pump. THERE IS NO CURE! no treatment, either. you cant really even play sports. people usually die before 30 of sudden arrest. it is ALMOST a death sentence. you can die in your sleep at any time because of created arythmias. i know tonight after doing alot of reading i am almost sure i dont have HCM because my wall thickness is MILD and not ABNORMALLY THICK. 13-15 is the mild range for wall thickness. high abnormal (hcm) is 20 or more. so if i was loer than that now i am almost certain i dont have HCM. i also read not everyone does right away overnight with it but it highly propable you wont have a good outome. so i am on my knees tonight knowing i dont have something incurable or inherited that might take me out quicker than i wanted. i can even work out knowing i should be ok. i lucked out for now. yeah i could get cancer next yr we all have that dice we throw, but this news has me looking to the sky and thanking the Big Man. i saw REALLY SCARRED! i now want to be the best i can be mental and physical wise starting this year. did my first workout tonight. to anyone to thinks life aint that big a deal or complains about this and that, just once think about people that have something they never asked for, has no cure, and might even make the suffer in front of their families for years. tonight i am thankful for my life. dont know about you (thank you Lord)

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    I get the feeling is an adventure we should be grateful for it.

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    Hey i was scared to death when i had tuberculosis!!! Even though it's harmless if detected early.

  • i thought TB was cured ages ago?

  • @mikeJB the part i didnt mention. heart issues run in my family and on my dads side they had young heart attacks . apparently i didnt get that faulty gene even though i could have. tears man, fucking tears!

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