Deep in Debt: Words of Encouragement Needed

  • Hello All!

    This is my first time posting here but here goes deep sigh

    I started college (private) a couple of months ago (September). I live on campus and pay for my meals too. Most of my tuition is paid by scholarships but there is still a bit of money leftover I have to pay. Luckily, I won't have to pay in a couple of years.

    Unfortunately, I had overestimated the costs and now I am about 10k in debt. I learned about in November and I got a counselor to help me sort it out (she advised me to get a job). In order for me to register for classes, I have pay at 2,500. I have gotten a part time job as a package handler at a nearby warehouse, but I don't think I 'll be able to make the payment in time.

    So far I have 1/3 saved up.

    I was originally supposed to leave (kicked out) my dorm this week but I emailed the head leader of the dorms and I have set up an appointment to speak with him and see if I can extend my stay. I have also thought of talking with my dorm floor leader and discussing my situation with her and maybe allowing her to come with me to the meeting.

    Any other student would ask their parents for money, however, me and my parents aren't on the best terms. I originally decided to live on campus because my mother was abusive and I wanted to thrive and grow as an individual without her stifling me. My father refuses to speak to me because of my religious views.

    I don't have any friends (thanks to my mother) so I don't know who to turn to. I refuse to allow to this debt to define me and I am trying to keep my head up but I don't know for how much longer. Asking strangers about my situation and some advice is the only I can stay sane.

    Words of encouragement and advice is much needed. If it means much, I'm an 18 yr old and I live in the United States.

    Thank you very much in advance

  • House Targaryen Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @freespirit22 I understand ur situation. The college life can be some really tough times to live through, especially financially. My advice to u is to keep pushing forward. Remember what ur reason for going to college was: to get an education. Use that as ur motive for moving forward. At the same time, try to earn some money on the side as well, like through a part time job or cutting down on ur spending. U have been given the opportunity to pursue education at a young age, don’t give up now. U can do this 👍🏻

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