Hello, 2019, your lover wanna say something

  • Dear 2019

    I dont know how i have to thank you, for every abundance i have. Starting from my decision to have a break from this TWS for almost 8 months, career promotion, good family and friends, and many things i can not say. In this year, i m still looking for my 'true identity'. Like what kind of person i will be, the path and decisions that i already chose even more. I know, i am not in the stage of maturity, i am not that wise enough to face problems, a lot of mistakes i have made. Hence, i decided to accept myself as i think it is the best way.

    This journey started in this September, i met this girl. This girl, bragged me back to TWS after my promise to stay away from everything related with my account, after all. I enjoy her companion all the time. I am not sure either it is dating or not but i think i liked her. One day i found she teased another user. It was my fault to pretend nothing happen till once i did hurting her with my words 'if you once find another person, i will be back to that girl from my past'. As i guess we had emotional debate till she said "from all of girls in TWS, why it should be that bluish eyes girl? You still love her after all, right DG?" We split off just in 2 weeks after that. I hate to admit but it is hurt.

    Dearest 2019, i never regret when i made a decision to be with that Alliley. It will be a short note for me, for every step in my next journey. I thank you for that short time i spent with her. Allow me to find another path of my life in next 2020. Like TWS is the best hiding place for me to be another me. Like my words in 2018, i never regret my decision to stay for her.

  • @spaceboy thanks dood. Happy new year for you.

  • Soul Searchers

    As long as your steps are forward in the right direction its all Good
    peace be with you


    @Nibby2001 Who is this Alliley you keep mentioning? Your imaginary friend?

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