What is beauty made of?

  • Where does it come from? Not the biological reproduction motivated sense of beauty, but real beauty that makes you weep with gratitude


    @Eye True beauty must be felt with the soul, not with the eyes. True beauty and true art must speak to your soul, otherwise it's not going to have any effect.

    True beauty exists everywhere in this world, but not everyone can see it.

  • Great question. I think beauty is like, if you saw something, and you thought, "If I was painting that, or writing about that, or even trying to imagine that, I'd never have the time / guts to be so subtle or ambitious".

    And that's how I persuaded Miley to do the Wrecking Ball video.

  • @Eye I like that question 🙂

    It's scientifically proven, even mathematically proven, that there is something like objective beauty. I watched a documentary about it. In humans, it can be determined by geometric shapes depending on the gender. In women it is an oval face, round eyes etc. ... Same for man, but a bit different.
    It is plumage for pheasants and other birds. You will notice when you look at birds or a dog, for example, that they have shapes and features, very clear patterns, for example, look closely at a parrot. Or a dozen other birds. They all have certain patterns. It seems that the plumage has been drawn. Scientists examined some animal species in the search for mating. Depending on the species, there were different criteria according to which the male was rated. Strength, V-shaped back in gorillas, I think even the way birds sang when searching for a pair played a role, i.e. Tone, strength, rhythm, whatever.
    So we can conclude that there is something like beauty in nature!!
    In the same way, scientists have found that beauty is not enough as the sole and exclusive feature of human dating. Of course you will found the one or the other idiot to whom the character of a person , he has to spend the rest of his life with, does not seem to matter. But such relationships are often led by less demanding and educated people who/which often lead to disputes and ultimately divorce. However, these exceptions confirm the rule!
    A distinction should therefore be made between visual beauty and the attractiveness of a person.

    But what is the VALUE of visual beauty. Its time, nothing else? But what is time? Looks often decide who gets our attention, but it is character which decides who will stay and who has to go.

    Could write more, could write more but I think thats enough

  • Soul Searchers

    @Eye I think that everything is beautiful in its own way. For me, the most beautiful things in the world are art and women 😊

  • Banned

    @Eye Beauty evolve,
    Without evolution there is no beauty,
    So beauty is made of evolution:

  • @Eye
    Humor and scent
    (first thing came mind)

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