• So, I made this song and I liked it. I didn't label any parts or anything cause I've got no clue as to how. Oops...?

    You blew me down and you didn't help me back up. X2
    You knew, from the start, just how and when you'd break my heart.
    You didn't hesitate, you didn't say wait.
    You didn't try to take me back.
    You thought I'd be afraid.
    Oh, baby
    You just unleashed a whole new world of hate.

    You thought I'd be laying there.
    Crying out, as too, why you left me.
    Then I'd turn it all around,
    and make you take me back.

    But no,
    I don't miss your face,
    Your smile, I don't crave.
    Your voice, I don't miss.
    I ain't crawling out of any dark abyss.

    You didn't hesitate,
    It was your biggest mistake,
    To let me go,
    Cause you just unleashed a whole new world of hate.

    You imagined, me lying there, looking at you with hopeless eyes.
    You thought I'd beg for you to, take me back.
    You thought I'd be broken, beyond compare
    Beyond repair,
    Without you.

    But, baby.
    You were wrong.
    You were so, so wrong.

    Cause it didn't take me long.
    To realized just how much you cared.
    Nothing, nothing. You didn't care for nothing.

    But I've got, something.
    I've got it all.

    I've got your secrets,
    Your deepest regrets.
    Your mistakes.

    And now, your biggest mistake,
    You unleashed,
    A womans hate.

    I need song name suggestions! Also, you wanna hear me singing my song, PM me. :) Also, if you enjoyed it, Upvote please!

  • @anonymousangel damn girl you gat talent

  • @ragnar-lothbrok Lol, thanks Ragnar, I just wrote it down, like, right now. Lol

  • @anonymousangel i once told you u are smart right? Someday ur name will be known more than of tyler swift

  • @ragnar-lothbrok :) So sweet, I have no words to describe my feelings right now.

  • Gamers

    Lemme make an beat

  • @ironically Lol, okay, I already have one, but okay.

  • That's awesome, really deep. At any phrase, didn't feel anything stupid or lame. Are you really thirteen.

    Keep the creativity flowing. Come up with more nice songs.

    There must be some "INSPIRATION" behind such a meaningful song. At some points felt connected