Why Religions Stories Always Have To Be In A Cave?

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    This is the 2nd take for the alien and caves stories,
    Some theorist suggests that those caves stories have something to do with the extraterestrials ancient aliens came from unknown places:

    What do you think?
    Is this some kind of coincidence?
    And are we as a human come even near to the extraterestrial's truth?

  • Caves are, for the longest time, a subconscious simbol of safety, shelter and relief for the human being, but also, paradoxically a simbol of mistery, danger and unnerving. It has fascinated and intrigued the human mind for ages, so I really think it is reasonable that most people and faiths have something related to caves.

  • I mean, look at this motherfucker!?

    how not to be mesmerized yet terrrified by caves?

  • Just like our gods of old... We always fear them yet we are in awe.

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    @Thales_BG that's some kind of Tomb Raider's thing going on xD
    But yeah caves are very suspicious and mysterious place
    the extraterestrials just love being hidden in the caves to expose the false truth of humanity

  • @Thales_BG yes that is an excellent observation. If you also look at many folklores you will notice that the beings which were a potential danger for the life of a man, were first projected as evil, and then their existence was highly exaggerated.
    For example; the snake as a danger or enemy in various mythologies, like ancient Norse, in the epic of gilgamesh, the zoroastrian tabs. Also the best example of this will be found in the life background of shri krishna. Shri Krishna's job was historically as a cow herder. So you will see that all the 'monsters' which he fought in his adolescence and prepubescent years were nothing but an exaggeration of normal beings which a cow herder will come across.

  • Humanity, like any other complex system of aglomeration is bound to have common patterns emerging. we can only create so many things before we start repeating ourselves.

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