• What should i do ? Im tired of life , im tired of suffering , im tired of everything. Im alone , im a mess , im down , im tired , im hurt , im starting to give up. My smile ? Its fake , my laugh ? Its a cry i hide , my dream ? More like emptyness. Should i live it ? Should i end it ? What should i do with it ? Im....sad , very very..... Sad.

  • hi please don't end it I care about u

  • @babyrxxx ride it out. It will pass good things and times will come. Just hold on until it happens. And it will


    @Kizaka Acquire strength and wisdom. Stop seeing this world as a cage of misery and start seeing it as a playground. Seize the day, or it will seize you. Demolish your mental suffering through reason and cognition. If it's people who disappoint you, remove yourself from the presence of those who poison your soul. Do NOT give up, you WILL succeed if you believe in it.

    Remember: you're never alone, my friend. Someone is always watching over you.

  • This post is deleted!

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