love on chatting sites......

  • House Targaryen Chocolate Lovers ;) Soul Searchers

    what do you think guys ,does it happen that you find your life partner on such chatting sites or its just a platform to have a simple talk and then good byyyyyy..........

  • Soul Searchers

    @sameersaifi I'm optimistic, I think that it's possible to find the love of your life on a chatting site 😀 It's just really hard haha

  • @sameersaifi It can happen, but the two of you have to be open/ready/in the right place, and then have the extreme fortune to both find AND recognise one another. It isn't the sort of thing you can just go looking for and hope it hits you.

  • @sameersaifi

    1. Possibility 1- she is catfish but you may bust her thru reverse image search.
      Possibility 1 can be classified in 2 categories-
      (i). If she is greedy catfish, she may ask you for money/gift.
      (ii). If she is not greedy catfish, you may know her intentions asap.

    2. Possibility 2- she is not catfish and you may think she speaks truth errtime.
      Possibility 2 can be classified in many categories-
      (i). She lives in your country and you'd love to meet her.
      (ii). She is a foreigner and you'd leave your country to meet her.
      Regarding 2.(i) and 2.(ii), you will bear the travel expenses for a girl only. Eh ? You know, people lie online. Unless you don't meet her irl, you will never know how many lies she has spoken to you.

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