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    Lets play a question confession time. see what we can dig up 😈
    Feel free to reply and ask your own questions for everyone.

    Question :
    What is the most embarrasing moment you ever had ?

    My answer :
    When i was younger in amsterdam while high and drunk with my mates we went to an ice bar. i was dared to pull down my pants next to a ice statue for a picture. What i didnt expect was my ass to remain glued to the statue 😂 other than the fact everyone got a lovely view and picture of my ass they had to escort people out so they could unglue me 😅 worst part was walking out after trying to hold dignity while everybody was giggling .

  • got drunk in a pub slept in a couch, my friends lost me left the pub, got thrown out by stuff couldnt remember how to get home slept in some street woke up and used google maps to get home. When i woke up noone had never called or something found most of my friends at the hospital searching for me after they had found one other lost friend there. The other at uni well i get to class late someone i didnt know says rather loudly werent you sleeping on a street yesterday everybody stopped talking and looked at me (200people i dindt know it was my first semester at uni).

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    @Thanoul1s ooo dammmn don't you just hate thinking back to those moments. so many querky replies that just never seems to come up because of the embarassement lol

  • @RubyRose11655 i still had a headache when that happened haha everyone still remembers that, im still that guy who slept in the street after 9 semesters hahaah

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    @Thanoul1s 😂 hard to outlive i guess. im sure a new juicy topic will have to come up at some point that theyll forget . . . hmmm saying that though my best mate still has a picture of my ass after 8 years 😂 i think he is keeping it for leverage 😂

  • @RubyRose11655 well all my mates should have a pic of my butt from sometime in my life isnt that normal ?

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    @Thanoul1s hmmm not really sure. then again what is normal anymore 😂

  • i peed my pants during assembly in school

  • @RubyRose11655 do you game switch