Has anyone ever seen God? Does it exist?

  • God doesn't exactly has a shape u can see as a figure. But if u follow a spiritual path, u can feel his presence. One cannot really see God.

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    NO one can see God, but we have a believe that he is there, important thing to ask yourself is how did nature started? who is the creator of everything? who created death and life? who brings back life from the dead (here its all about plants), did all of these came fro no where? okay we have feelings, we reproduce, who formed all these systems? , apart from that, just ask ur self how can we differ in our faces, races, language, and even IQ'S? the answer is that there is someone who did everything, h was there when nothing was there, no one knows where did he came from but he is the one created everything that we see and those we dont see, matter of fact is that he cant be seen. but he is there, just like love,air cant be seen but doesnt mean its not there.

  • This is a hefty topic. No, I don't believe you can see god. I believe he is an imaginary being thought up by humans searching for an explanation. You can not see anything but your own imagination when you try to see god.

  • @gopi-simma can u show me his pic

  • @emily God is in you. You can see him/her when you see yourself inside.

  • yes, i have seen him.


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