Friends being clingy and general angst

  • @cant-breathe I don't know why anyone does anything anymore so that's a possibility

  • Is this breakup possibly one of the reasons u r pulling away from ur friends?

  • @cant-breathe It's probably a factor the main realization came when my sibling ended up being abandoned by their friends after graduating and I just don't want to risk being ghosted and having to find no friends and just being hurt by anyone when they abandon me I guess I just got lucky at the fact that only a few talk to me after I go home online but yeah

  • U seem to be rather young still life could turn out amazing u never know...

  • One good friend is all a person needs

  • @cant-breathe thanks I appreciate your optimism I would say that I have that but I honestly don't know seeing as I might just drift apart from the two friends that I trust most eventually as well

  • It's getting late where I am so I'm gonna sleep after deleting this post probably. All I can think of saying is I wish you luck on what's happening in your life (sorry that that was lame) goodnight

  • Not asleep y delete this r we supposed to? Like I said I am new to this lol... Was having a real bad couple hours and had to put my. Phone down... Hope u can sleep... I don't do much of that...

  • Thanks that was not lame I have never had good luck lol... I just believe that I am here to make the world better for others... I believe that there r givers and takers (with varying degrees of mix in between I. E. A person may be 25% giver and 75% taker)... Takers of the extreme r also referred to as narcissistic... Takers should keep to the takers but they need the givers to survive... The givers ( also referred to as enabler) r usually left starving for the things they need to survive like love attention security support and the taker thrives like a demon stealing a soul... Now if a giver finds a giver that's amazing... Hold back a bit... U should quickly learn to spot them... I knew my new husband was a taker... He just hid it until after the wedding... And he hid it well... I truly know in my heart that I have to walk away from this... And I hope u will figure things out... I'm here if u want to keep talking... Will be back read the link it's an article on givers takers and marchers (the mixed group)

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