• So, I don't know why this popped into my head all of a sudden today, but like...I had a memory about when I was in High School, My senior year to be exact, I had a friend who graduated a couple of years ahead of me, I'll just call him CW.

    So basically one year during high school I was heading home for the day, I believe it was in May when it happened, but basically I was sitting in study hall and I saw CW riding his bike up here, I didn't think much about it because you know sometimes the Alumni would come and visit their friends ya know? so it was like...whatever.

    Anyhoot, So, the bell ring for class to get out and so I headed to my locker with my boyfriend at the time to grab my books for the day and then locked it up and headed out to the buses, now mind you CW was my ex but was still my friend, he was a great guy and the break up sucked, but that's besides the point! Anyhow...basically we headed out of door 13 and walked to our buses. CW was standing right there and looked at me with the straightest face and said the he was going to get hit by a car...me being me I didn't believe him.

    But low and behold, the next day at 8am we found out that CW was hit by a car in the early hours of the morning (5am-6am) by a white Van...You would NOT believe how shocked I was...I didn't even know how to fully react to it when I heard the news...and I still think about it from time to time today.

    Has anyone had an experience like that? Like close or similar? would you Care to share the experience or a experience in general?

  • @xXDJAkiAngelXx I've had quite a few strange occurrences. Most of them were good ones.

  • @wet-teri has it ever just thrown you for a loop? Like, just damn..

  • @xXDJAkiAngelXx said in Have you ever had like a weird experience?:

    @wet-teri has it ever just thrown you for a loop? Like, just damn..

    Every single time it happens serves as a reminder that I only think I control my destiny. Someone else has a plan for me and I'm merely along for the ride.

  • I have had similar experiences and your friend obviously knew he has an experience as well... He shared it with you... I woke up one night from a dream so real I was shaking and crying about my x... I woke my then husband up and told him immediately about the entire dream in detail... The next morning it was all over the news... It was horrible... It happens to quite often...

  • Idk if it's just me but every single moment of my life feels like deja vu