• The happiness is that condition when you feel like you don't want anything else from life it's that moment when you feel your heart is flying up in the sky over the clouds that moment when you feel your heart open when you feel the air so pure when you feel your heart is dancing between your ribs only when you can't breathe
    only when blood flushes into your face when you can't stop smiling
    that you'll forget your name
    with no chance for anxiety no chance for sadness ..
    that happiness can be formed as your mom's or dad's curing from an illness
    that happiness can be long waited for message from someone you love ..
    that happiness can be a degree you got after years of hard working ..
    but remember happiness in small things is more pure and real

    so what would your happiness be like?

    alt text

  • Happiness is the noose tied around my neck 😄

  • Okay enough joking, Happiness is the feel when you have nothing to worry about and you don't need to have a care in the world, happiness is when you can get up and feel great and look into the mirror and be confident in yourself. It's that feeling where you heart if full and you don't need to cry yourself to sleep. It's something few do fully have though the kind share their happiness.

  • Happiness is....
    Self Acceptance
    Family love
    Helping people in need.
    Being with someone you love.
    Coverd in a blanket in a cold and windy night sipping a cup of coffee.

  • SEEKERS Music Lovers

    happiness is a warm gun 🔫

  • @uno wow very nice describing for happiness
    thank you !

  • Soul Searchers

    @Sarah-A-R Happiness is being with someone that you love. Happiness is when you feel completely in love with a pretty girl (or a pretty boy if you're female) and feel like there's nothing in this world that can hurt you or make you feel bad.

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    Happiness is being on top of a mountain,mesmerizing the beauty around it and thinking that life aint as shit as we thought it is.

  • @Sarah-A-R Since this has the potential of becoming very philosophic, here's a small contribution while I'll be pondering a more suitable response

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