Do You Guys Think Free Will Exist? Let Us Know What Do You Guys Think On Freewill.

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    Free will exists but only in some conditions-

    1. The ability of doing a work- one will be said only morally responsible if one is mentally and physically able to do the certain work. For instance- a children is drowning and I do not know how to swim. Therefore I'll not save him because I cannot take the risk for losing my own life.
    2. Knowledge and aim- a human cannot be said a free human if he does a work unknowingly. For example, kleptomania- a burglar unknowingly steals articles. He does not have purpose to steal and earn money through it.
    3. Presence of options- he has aim, he knows and he is able to do the work yet he does have only option. He has only one possibility and he has no other choice. Then he cannot be considered a free human or cannot be said responsible for his immoral work.
      In the end, I'd talk about three ethical theories -
      (1.) Causal theory- it defines first action precedes second action. And second action is the result of first action. In this case, free will always exists.
      (2.) Non-causal theory- Actions with chance not without cause. I have my ideals, principals, interests and I know them. But you can't assume what and how I will act in different circumstances. No one is all-knowing being. Even though, I myself do not how I'll react in those situations.
      (3.) Fatalism- it states humans do not have any choice and their works are already predetermined by a fictional character- batman, spiderman. Many call him god though. I did not even want to write 3rd theory 😂.
      I am sorry for late reply. I was busy irl

  • I think you are both free to act as you will and burdened to suffer the consequences of other people’s actions. One can be born poor simply because their parents drank all their money away, but that doesn’t mean they can stay poor. I guess the trick is finding out if your free will is worth the pain you endure

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  • @Tag said in Do You Guys Think Free Will Exist? Let Us Know What Do You Guys Think On Freewill.:

    Do you think "Freewill" exist?

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