how to lose weight fast? Quick and easiest way to reduce fat?

  • Reply based on your proven experiences ?

  • Weight loss cannot happen overnight..
    Accept this fact...
    D more u move ur body(exercise, zumba, dance, sports).. d more fat it will burn..
    And i really don't think weight loss is easy...
    The easiest thing in this world is to gain weight and the toughest task is to lose it...

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    Doing exercise in th morning is th best way..!

  • Take balanced diet, Regular exercise and plenty of water. Though i had tried some dirty tricks like no oil and no sugar diet, high protein diet etc, they do help a lot to lose weight quickly but i could not make it my regular diet because that kind of food sucks. :P
    So to maintain weight, have balanced diet (it helps reducing food craving and also you dont feel like you are eating worst food on the planet), regular exercise (starting with just walking and stairs climbing and then advancing to a specific workout). And always have plenty of water, its needed to maintain the metabolism.

  • @sammy r u fat or skinny?

  • I eat a lot and very unhealthy so whenever I have to lose weight, I eat less and healthier. I also go running with a lot of clothes on or sleep with a lot of clothes on

  • @sarah well i reduced like 8 kg in one week. I had one meal everyday but this is very difficult method. You can half your meal this is also effective

  • I am lazy guy and never think or jogging or exercise. So I tried some tips and made some arrangements with food and quantity.

    If any want to burn fat easily without making extra efforts - go through this video

  • @vash thank u vash. What's ur weight now and what was

  • @emily
    I was fat.. i did lose some fat.. on my way to be fit💪💪

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    • Never skip breakfast, its the most important meal of the day. If you eat enough at breakfast, you can skip lunch or eat less food in lunch time.
    • Don't think about the calories you have gained during breakfast, since the calories are going to get burned very fast (especially if you gained them in the morning), also you still have the hole day in front of you and you need a lot of energy.
    • Dont eat anything after 7 PM, because thats approximately the time when your body gets exhausted and stops to burn calories and thus turning it into fat.
    • Don't stop eating at all and never do extreme diet, because then your body thinks that their is a food crises and thus your fat reserves come out and your skin will look thicker and thats why you will look more fat.
    • Eat HEALTHY, no fast food etc.
    • Eat, until you are not hungry anymore, but don't eat so much until you feel full and feel like throwing up, because then your stomach stretches and you will feel hungry faster and eat more than necessary.
    • Don't use pills ore medicine that promises you to stop your hunger, keep it natural for a long term result, because you don't want to depend on the medicine forever, right ?
    • make sport activities which require stamina, for example: "jogging", that way you will stress your body constantly a period of time (depends how long you can keep running lol) and so burning a lot of calories, but don't exaggerate and don't run till you collapse, take it step by step and get better every time. (2 times a weak is good, 3 times a weak is ideal)
    • drink a lot of water and if you feel limp or powerless don't hesitate to eat.

    That was my plan hope it works for you, but you look good weighted and healthy on the picture though. If anybody told you that you are fat, don't believe him :D

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    @sarah i won't write anything typical or theoretical but do yoga regularly , jog or at least go for walking daily and eat kellogg's special k twice daily XD

  • Try to drink water many times a day, drink green tea or black coffee without daily and try running at least 30 minutes a day. It works trust me

  • @emily my weight was previously around 95 kgs its 82 now. Took time but i got it under control.

  • @sarah Eat a shit load of protein and carbs, and exercise. Simple. Don't eat before you sleep.

  • @sarah dont eat candy for a year

  • @sarah work your ass off. Most off my clothes this year especially are falling off 😂😂 i work as a carpenter and started out on my own this year and ive being flat out at work and the weight just flew off 😛😛

  • Cut out excess sugar and fats, exercise!

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