• I wanna ask you something, if you don’t mind, cause if you do – well, all right.

    I wanna notice that with my question I don’t seek for the advices, such behavior would have been too greedy, I’ve already got your attention and some time, and continue taking it, saying obvious things…
    I just want to satisfy my curiousity, you know, knowledge is power, in theory, at least…

    So the question is why socialized people would communicate with people who don't possess necessary communication skills? And would they?
    Of course I mean real life, chat communication doesn't count, in fact, on my own example I've noticed, that I like to say a lot in chat, that's kinda compensation for the lack of real communication. In reality I remain silent most of the time, so I would name such a deviation something like fear of informal communication. As to formal communication I don't have big problems at all.
    Returning to the question, I just can't get what benefits can normal people get from the communication with someone who can barely talk? People prefer talking with those who can do it, who is of interest to them. I understand them very well, it's a rational behavior. Isn't it?

    I do love straight speaking, and I ask you to say what you really think, if you want to answer my question at all.


  • @Redthreat so you have a loud mind. You mean what motivates me to get out of bed each day? 😗

  • @Sugarpockets loud mind - what is it?
    "You mean what motivates me to get out of bed each day?"
    No I mean what motivates people to talk to somebody who remains silent almost all time, or just fails in talks. R u talking to such people every day?

  • Dear @Redthreat the term loud mind means people who are silent but has creative minds. Hence the reason what motivates me to talk to silent people

  • @Redthreat not every single day, but I've had my instances. It felt like taking a peek from the curtains between their world

  • @Sugarpockets I got it, thanks for the answer

  • @Redthreat np

  • @Redthreat

    There are 2 types of silent ppl, those who really have nothing to add or say to the conversation or those who feel their mind and understanding won't be accepted by the group or person, those are the ones worth talking to cuz the most brilliant ideas comes from people like them. So I think ppl should give silent people a chance sometimes, at least to understand what exacly goes on their mind!

  • Banned


  • @Tag Yeah, right

  • It's like Planet of the Apes, innit? I imagine Charlton Heston would've finished up with the gnashing and the wailing over Lady Liberty, then just got back on the horse and said to Nova, "Do you want to go dancing tonight? DANCING, LOVE" (makes dancing motion)

  • @Lurker And I always wonder, what to do if u r introvert without deep thoughts, high IQ, creativity etc. Sugarpockets said that I have loud mind, but it isn't necesessary at all. You may be shy, isolated and have very average abilities at the same time.

  • @Redthreat

    Well those are the people that I consider irrelevant... I know it's kinda harsh but if you are silent cuz you don't have anything to say, you might as well enlighten yourself, right?

  • @Indrid-Cold Yeah, that's funny.
    Still, the book is the way better than the film.

  • @Redthreat YES, M8. I've heard that before. About the apes being more futuristic and just better than us.

  • @Redthreat
    to answer your question, i'd have to say that there isn't really a lot of point to communicating with someone who can barely respond to you. conversations are supposed to be mutually beneficial, right? you gain new information, emotional relief, etc. but if you don't get any of that from a conversation, it's wasted time.

    of course, some people (introverts) take time to open up to people, and can initially appear very emotionally cold & laconic. that's fine, that's excusable, i'm one of those people too. i guess my point is that if someone is barely responsive to you, it's best to give them some space and see whether they warm up and become more sociable. if they do, yay for you! if they don't, it's best to stop

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