1. If she is horny.
    2. If she has been "banging" her bf.
    3. What size she is.
    4. Why she has rejected you 6 times today.
    5. How big her bf is.
      These are from my point of view. Fellow ladies, comment with some more please.

  • @Vanie You're just encouragable

  • @Lazz it strangely does but nevertheless its good to read😗

  • @Lazz I have come back with a final answer to this everlasting question. It matters on to whom you are talking to, if it is someone who really doesn't know many things in life then you can just expect about a hour conversation with said person. Though there are many, many people in the world who will get down to the point.

  • @Lazz and what do you mean by that?

  • @Vanie I didn't honestly think you'd make this topic. You're encourageable, but I am HE who encourages! So there

  • @Lazz Well, I wanted my answer. And, maybe this will help the perverts see what not to ask a female. One can only hope, am I right?

  • @Vanie Always. But answers have only led to more questions. Seriously. What kind of guy would want to know...you know what? Nevermind.

  • @Lazz Wise move. Don't want to end up on my bad side.

  • @Vanie Roger that. 10-4 good buddy

  • @Lazz you have such the immense vocabulary I love it.

  • @Uno said in Questions to never ask a girl.:

    @Lazz you have such the immense vocabulary I love it.

    I was just thinking that. I was in fact contemplating whether or not to comment on it but you beat me to it XD

  • @Vanie I assume I just beat you to the comment.

  • @Uno never seen that one.....the name sounds familiar tho

  • @Vanie hmmmmmmm..... I don't know might just be because you are too intelligent for the limited knowledge which the American government allows us to obtain... :/

  • @Uno Me?! Intelligent!?! My grades say otherwise........

  • Grades mean nothing to regular knowledge which could be known from the top of the head

  • @Uno true......but my siblings will tell you i am dumber than a brick lol

  • @Lazz i usually do comment lol

  • @Lazz awe thanks

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